Dear Facebook: Rape Is No Joke

According to Facebook’s terms of service, users are not permitted to post content that is hateful, threatening or incites violence. But it appears that, in the minds of the Facebook powers-that-be, pages that encourage rape don’t violate that rule.

For two months now, Facebook users have been campaigning for the site to take down several “rape joke” pages. The titles of these pages include such gems as “Riding your girlfriend softly, cause you don’t want to wake her up” and “You know she’s playing hard to get when you’re chasing her down an alleyway.” Hundreds of Facebook users have reported the pages as Terms of Service violations, and a petition at (see below) demanding their removal has received over 130,000 signatures. But Facebook has yet to take action. Dozens of pages advocating rape or violence against women remain on the site, many with tens of thousands of fans.

The defenders of these pages say that we need to lighten up. Learn to take a joke. Feminists are, once again, being humorless. We are making mountains out of molehills when we become outraged by such trivial things as pro-rape Facebook pages.

According to statistics, 17.4 percent of women in the U.S. have survived a completed or attempted rape, and that figure would likely be higher if victims were not so often silent about their experiences. Yet we are not supposed to question what it means for us, as women, to live in a culture that dehumanizes us with acts of sexual assault (the vast majority of which are committed by men we know personally) and then dehumanizes us further by pointing and laughing at our victimization, belittling trauma with crude humor. This is the definition of rape culture: a society that upholds the conditions for sexual violence against women and treats this violence as an unchangeable norm.

Anyone who claims that a rape joke is just a joke does not understand how rape culture works. Just as racist jokes can only be found funny within a culture of racism, rape jokes could not exist outside of a culture of rape. When our society allows men to believe that having sex with a sleeping woman is not rape; that having sex with a girlfriend or previous sexual partner is never rape; that having sex with someone who is too intoxicated to consent or object is not rape; men are taught to feel entitled to these acts (and women are taught to accept them in silence). When our culture is casually permissive of sexual assault, it inevitably perpetuates more sexual assault.

It would be absurd, of course, to suggest that anyone goes out and commits assault as a direct reaction to a Facebook page. But in reducing sexual violence to nothing more than a joke, they reflect and perpetuate the idea that women are objects to be used for the sexual satisfaction of men. Countless seemingly small things work together to uphold that kind of pervasive misogyny.

It would be naïve to imagine that the removal of these pages will in and of itself end rape culture. But that doesn’t mean the appropriate response is to simply accept them. Daunting as the task may be, the only way to end rape culture is to confront it.

Facebook is certainly not responsible for the prevalence of sexual assault in our society. But those in a position of power at Facebook are responsible for the choice they make to either condone or condemn the use of sexual assault as humor. Silence, as the saying goes, is acceptance. And Facebook’s refusal to take sexual violence seriously is exactly the kind of complicit silence that rape culture thrives on.

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Photo from flickr user juliejordanscott under Creative Commons 2.0


  1. So, we women need to “lighten up” yet if I started a page called “why men with small dicks should just die” I would be called a man-hater and radical feminist. Talk about a double standard.

    • Dan Avenell says:

      Such anti-men pages are all over facebook.

      • ok been thinking about whether to reply to this or not for last couple of hours, but. yes ok there are anti men pages all over facebook, but that’s a different topic. if there are (and there may be but I have not gone looking) pages like “lets go chase your boyfriend down the alley and threaten to cut off his c**k and see if he cries” or “lets see if he is gay by doping him and throwing him in a gay sauna and see if he likes it” then that may be the same thing and worthy of a common cause but at the moment this is a thread about facebook pages which are a physical threat to women and therefore they should be supported. humour is one thing, whether in just bad taste or not, but hate pages which condone physical and/or sexual (same thing) violence against one particular group should never be tolerated. and if there are other groups which need to be included that is a separate issue or a common cause

        • I get really frustrated with this kind of discussion.

          That is not the kind of equality I’ve been fighting for. Those pages should be removed as well.

          • Klara Gaglia says:

            I whole heartedly agree, Tori

          • I agree, Tori. Violent anti-women pages are disgusting AND so are violent anti-men pages. These types of violence shouldn’t be tolerated against women, men, transexuales or any other group.

            Let’s get Facebook to accept that sexual violence is violence. And then let’s make sure that they understand this.

      • Terry C - NJ says:

        Show me.

      • Then speak out and change it.

    • I get what you’re saying with this, and on the surface you’re right, but it’s attitudes like this that lead to defensive reactions and cuts off healthy, productive discussion about these issues. Both would be wrong, I would hope here we could all agree on that.

    • GrooTheWanderer says:

      No, if you made an actual funny joke, those who thought it was funny, would laugh. Others who didn’t see, or appreciate the humor would not. If instead you made a very *bad* joke, it would obviously not be funny. Some would then confuse your failure at joke telling with the idea that certain topics should never be used as comedic material because someone once upon a time, told a bad joke.

      A funny rape joke never insinuates that rape is funny. But if you’re interested, George Carlin, a true master of his craft and linguistic genius can explain why:

  2. Micah Meyers says:

    Rape in the context of a joke or seen as amusement is the regression of a shameful backwards society. The humor is dehumanizing.

    • Dan Avenell says:

      The article says ‘rape jokes could not exist outside of a culture of rape.’ That is not true. It is the transgressive, taboo nature of the joke which allegedly makes it funny. If rape was normalized or seen as ok (as in a putative ‘rape culture’concept) it would be the same as saying ‘I will be having sex with my partner tonight, with her full consent’

      That is the cultural norm, hence the joke wouldn’t be funny.

      • With that logic you must also find racist jokes funny.

      • Dan,

        If you are unclear on the rape culture concept, I’d respectfully ask you to take a look at the definition provided here:… This explains it in a way that also covers why these jokes and cultural references are offensive and damaging.

        I’ve got as much of a sense of humor as anyone, and enjoy my share of off-color humor such as Family Guy or Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but I can’t get on board with rape references and jokes. We simply have too many women and men in this country for whom rape is an unfortunate footnote of their younger years, or even their current environment.

      • Daniel Lambert says:

        Rape jokes, jokes of any kind that belittle anyone, are often a way of creating a feeling of empowerment, especially if the person making the jokes feels insecure in themselves, or feel threatened by the person/persons that are the butt of the joke. When this happens, the jokes are really a passive aggressive way of lashing out against the party that this person feels threatened by, or is to blame for their own insecurities. This happens on both sides of the fence in many different issues including racism and gender. Women are guilty of it when they make belittling jokes concerning men, which I personally turn a blind eye towards, but never laugh at. I would like to see our society mature to the point that jokes of this nature period are considered childish, and they are, and become the exception instead of the norm. I’m not going to go deeply into how jokes belittling men can be harmful to a man’s psyche, as well as stunting a boy’s emotional development giving him a false image of what he is capable of. While very damaging, it doesn’t come close to the physical and pychological damage a woman, or any person, endures from being raped. Since passive aggressive attacks can be disgused as humor, we all should refrain from making them to spare victims from further abuse and hopefully aid in their recovery.

      • Kynthia Alice says:

        Dan, really, you need to try getting raped sometime. Its hilarious, almost as much fun as being called a she-male cunt as he is thrust – well, you get the idea. You sound a lot like the cops who told me to quit whining, and be grateful I had gotten any sex at all.

        I’m not actually a man-hating hairy legged lesbian feminist,

        I shave my legs daily.

        • Wow, I find this a disgusting and horrible thing to say to someone. I think it’s obvious that Dan simply doesn’t understand the nuances of this subject, and someone already replied to him (respectfully) with a link to more information so that he can educate himself, which is a sensible thing to do and will go a lot further than rash responses like yours.

          And for what it’s worth, he never once said in his reply that he finds these jokes funny, himself. As a matter of fact, he specifically said “allegedly makes it funny,” which I took to mean that he was speaking of the people who DO find it funny, and that it isn’t a humor he shares.

          I am very sorry for what happened to you, but I can’t help but be appalled that you could wish it upon someone you don’t even know over what was obviously a misunderstanding.

          • It’s not right to wish rape on anyone, but it’s also not right to police the tone in which those who have survived rape and sexual assault talk about it. Kynthia Alice is expressing the anger of those who are consistently silenced in this country. We are shamed into not revealing our experiences by these very rape jokes which we are supposed to find “amusing”, and are looked down upon if we object.

            The people who tell rape jokes obviously find it amusing, and it simply is not. I am sure that like me, if Kynthia ever speaks about her experience out loud, she is not usually believed on the first go-around, and most people won’t start to believe that we were actually raped until we go into excruciating detail, which is when people start to get uncomfortable. People do not want to understand the experience we have gone through because it is too unpleasant for them to imagine.

            Well the truth is that we and many other people have had the misfortune of experiencing it, and we don’t appreciate our situations being made fun of. Telling someone who refuses to understand another’s experience to go an experience themselves is the result of frustration at the way our society teaches people to treat rape survivors.

  3. Vegan Power says:

    i am just wondering exactly what FB policies are.. i think that a page or post or person has to be reported a certain amount of times before they even notice the pages/people/posts? meanwhile my friend lost his profile becus they thought he was spam becus he had too many friends and posted to many comments? clearly Facie has to work on its monitoring system.. but with millions/ (billions?) of people and pages and posts i think they do an ok job.. just keep reporting these pages i guess

    • I support this petition but really all readers should know that this is just a small part of the problem. FB is a known platform used be creeps to share abusive pictures that involve children. FB is more likely to take down a page that touches on religion than on one that actually breaks laws. And they are not the only ones. Village Voice deserves it’s share of condemnation too for supporting a platform ( that assists in the enslavement (prostituting) of women and girls.

      • i think if youv’e been raped then you owe it to yourself and others to report it as the man/men concerned will only go on to do it to others. especially if its done to you as a child. these men cannot get away with it. they are scum. it wants someone to sue facebook then maybe something will get done. i have reported them to a couple of authorities in England and hope to hear from them soon. if not i will endeavour to take it further. something has got to be done.

  4. If you look closely at both of the linked groups “Riding your girlfriend softly” and “She’s playing hard to get” and the pages that each one likes, you’ll notice that they are almost certainly all created and monitored by the same person. In the title of the “hard to get group” on the actual page the “you’re” is actually spelt “your” and that same grammatical error is seen countless times in both the pages that each group likes and in the posts that each page puts up. I absolutely believe that facebook should take these groups down, but I’m less disturbed by the one horrible person that is putting all of them up than I am by the literally hundreds of thousands of people who have liked these pages.

    • Vegan Power says:

      yes… the worst part isnt that these pages are up– yeah that’s awful! but the HUGE fan list is what is the worst bit– esp since the Ms FB Page has less than 20,000 and these have fans in the hundred thousands! FB must be heavily populated w troubled souls!

    • they know whos putting these on. a representative of RAPE IS NO JOKE told one of our newspapers that is a 13 yes 13 year old boy is usa who has instigated this and has been hacked in by a boy the same age here is england. disgusting that KIDS are allowed to do this as they do not know fully what they are talking about.

  5. Michael Cueva says:

    I believe in freedom of speech, regardless of how much I disagree with what is being said. Yet, if Facebook clearly has regulations and would not allow racist or any other horribly offensive groups, then why should these “rape joke” pages be allowed to stay. Is Facebook not taking rape as a serious problem that “incites violence” and hatred? This is a perfect example of how our society undervalues womyn and continues to oppress them and treat them as men’s mere objects of sexual desire. Well rape is no laughing matter.

    • I agree with free speech as well, but Facebook removing a page isn’t a blow against free speech. Facebook has a specific “Community Standards” that address “hate speech”. By allowing pages like this to continue unblocked Facebook seems to be saying that such jokes and concepts don’t constitute hate speech.

      From Facebook’s Community Standards: “it is a serious violation of our terms to single out individuals based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or disease.”

  6. At least a fourth of women will fight off an attempted rape sometime in our lifetime. The statistics aren’t known for men since rape of men is rarely spoken of, and is such a taboo subject. Rape is the least prosecuted and convicted of the violent crimes both here and in many other countries. Cases are still dropped for the behavior of the victim instead of being prosecuted for the behavior of the assailant. Rape is no joke and such pages should never be tolerated.

  7. I like free speech, I don’t like rape, but I come down on the free speech side every time.

    • Random Name Here says:

      Since when is a call to violence, advocating violence, or inciting violence covered by free speech?

      Neither is libel, for that matter, nor should it – speech like this does nothing to further any kind of dialogue, but it does disparage and create a hostile environment for those it attacks. “Your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins” – it’s logically impossible for individual rights to exist without limit, for then they would impose on the rights of others, as with this case. To think that everyone can do and say whatever they want and there be no consequences is childish and naïve.

    • FB is not the USA and taking down pages that make a joke of rape, or are offensive for some other reason are well within their rights and not a free speech issue. We’re not talking about censorship. This is a publicly owned site, but still able to make their own rules about what they do and don ‘t want on their site.

    • Lesson in first amendment jurisprudence: The first amendment only protects the right from GOVERNMENT interference. Facebook doesn’t owe these people the right to glamorize rape anymore than I owe YOU the right to speak on my doorstep.

  8. Yet if they had put up a pic of a woman breastfeeding her baby, FB would yank it so fast your head would spin!

    • Exactly what I was going to say!!! They routinely take down empowering beautiful pictures and even close accounts of women who post breastfeeding pictures. Breastfeeding is healthy, normal, natural and legal. Rape is dehumanizing, violating, traumatizing and illegal!! Where is the logic?

  9. Kevin Torres says:

    That’s so true. Rape isn’t a joke. It’s terrible how facebook and people like those at… think that you can joke about that kind of stuff.

  10. Thank you for posting this. I agree that if Facebook has regulations that don’t allow for racist groups, then they certainly shouldn’t let these pages stay.

    You make an excellent point, “Just as racist jokes can only be found funny within a culture of racism, rape jokes could not exist outside of a culture of rape.” Which is why we need to stand up and say no to these kind of pages.

  11. Rizwan Takkhar says:

    It took them long to act on the “Draw Muhammad” page too, even after millions of people were hurt and getting aggressive and violent. Let’s see if this goes somewhere.

  12. I’m sorry, but joke or no joke freedom of speech means you don’t censor everything you find distasteful. As for perpetuating the “culture of rape,” these sites are not holding secret rally’s and comparing rape stories. They exist as shock humour. Not everything is an attack

    • You don’t seem to understand the nature of free speech. Free speech does not mean you have the right to say anything you want and everyone has to respect what you’ve said – it means you can say what you want and, while the government shouldn’t intervene in that, other people can argue with you, counter you, challenge you or just plain think you’re a jerk. Other people are free to silence you if they find that the quality of your speech is detrimental to their rights – as someone above said, your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins. Freedom of speech is not freedom from responsibility for your speech nor is it a magical shield that allows you to get away with anything you want under the guise of “humor,” particularly when you’re negatively impacting the lives of others. And this isn’t even a relevant point for this case, as Facebook is a private entity – private entities are not covered in the same way as public and government entities by free speech laws. And when a private entity already has a very clear policy in place about violent speech, to ignore one kind of violent speech is a clear double standard.

    • Lyndsy Lafenhagen says:

      Veronica, you obviously haven’t been raped. I have. Listen when I say that men or boys who are surrounded by images and stories of rape humor will eventually begin to think that rape is “no big deal.” it’s not just a joke.

      • Actually, I was at 15. And I realize I didn’t react as most people do because for me it meant that I need to take control of my sexuality so that it wouldn’t follow me for the rest of my life. The slut walk in toronto is a fantastic example of women standing up for exactly that. However, censoring and eliminating something that is existing purely as a joke is going a bit far. It’s facebook. It’s a joke. People need to take life a little bit more lightly

    • A few things:

      1) You’re not sorry, so don’t say you are.

      2) You clearly do not understand what “freedom of speech” means. It doesn’t actually mean “say whatever, whenever, and magically have it be beyond criticism”.

      3) These are facebook pages, not sites. Did you read this or did you just want to come in here and show off your ignorance?

      4) Nobody needs to hold “secret rally’s [sic]” and compare rape stories to perpetuate rape culture. Does it also not count as incitement to violence if I publicly declare that all members of a certain racial group should be shot? I didn’t do it in private nor did I share any stories of doing so, so by your ridiculous standards it wouldn’t count.

  13. Yeah… after receiving an email from on some of these Facebook pages, I looked around to see what the fuss was about. I found one called “Kicking sluts in the vagina because it’s funny watching your foot disappear.” All I said was, “This page is beyond dumb.” This girl got into a huge fight with me about how I should 1. lighten up, 2. not have any respect for sluts because they are “worthless.” I had a nice, long war with her (some low-brow insults were hurled, I admit)… and I love fighting the crazies, I must say. (And I claimed victory at the end)…. but aside from my surely-to-be-frowned-upon behavior of engaging her so brutally, I was utterly shocked that she couldn’t see how harmful it is to defend something like that. She was saying, “I’d kick sluts in the vagina if I could. So I think it’s funny.” How do girls get to this point???

  14. cant believe its a woman … but there you go

  15. <3 this article, but there's one particularly vexing line:

    "that having sex with a girlfriend or previous sexual partner is never [considered] rape"

    Okay, I read this line five times, and I'm still trying to figure this one out. In both cases, even if they're done in the context of an affair, this ISN'T rape, unless the sex isn't consented by both parties. If the men think they automatically have that right, and impose that on the women, yes, that's bad. If they act on that assumption, that could qualify for rape. But simply having sex with your girlfriend is fine if that's what both parties want. Am I missing something here in this statement?

    • Sorry for the confusion, I was referring to the disturbing idea that once someone has consented once, they’ve consented permanently, ie. “you can’t call it rape because she willingly had sex with me last month/because she’s my girlfriend/etc.” When I checked out the “riding your girlfriend” page originally, I was shocked by how many posts weren’t using the “it’s just a joke!” defense, but were instead arguing that what the page describes cannot possibly be considered rape because it’s referring to a girlfriend. But I certainly didn’t mean that all sex with a previous partner is somehow rape!

  16. Check out my list of 24 Facebook pages that advocate or joke about violence against women:

    It’s not about freedom of speech – misogynists have plenty of venues through which to voice their hate. But Facebook’s own policy calls for the removal of “content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.” Let’s get them to enforce it.

  17. Martha Wenstrand says:

    I can remember people joking decades ago that a woman being raped may as well enjoy the experience is going to be done anyway. It still makes my skin crawl.

    • Terry C - NJ says:

      I think the disgusting expression was “When rape is inevitable, just lie back and enjoy it.”

      Would men like it if women said something like “When castration is inevitable, just grin and bear it”???

  18. This is hate speech, and people don’t seem to understand it. Women are being targeted by hate. If I were to start a group called “Lighting N****** on Fire With Lit Cigarettes,” people would be all over it. I could just say, “IT’S A JOKE OMG LIGHTEN UP YOU RADICALS GET A SENSE OF HUMOR.” Women being raped is a terrible, awful crime and it should be considered a hate crime. This is not a freedom of speech issue. As I said before, if I was to start that group, do you know how much trouble I’d be in? A lot. But these groups promote hate towards women, and we’re supposed to laugh it off, consider it a joke? Unreal.

  19. i am all for promoting a world that says no to rape but i am against censorship. instead, those people who don’t know the meaning of rape should be educated. if the censoring starts , where does it end

  20. One wonders at one point information overload plays a roll in this. Who (if anyone) has flagged these groups as violating the terms of service? There are probably, all told, hundreds of petitions regarding Facebook directly in some way out there, and thousands of petitions with hundreds of signatures that no one knows about. It’s possible that there’s a large amount of offensive stuff out there that goes unregulated because the amount of stuff out there altogether is just way too large to regulate.

  21. Terry C - NJ says:

    What IS it with these misogynistic males who always have to be all over the comments section here???

    They seem to take it as a personal affront that women are speaking out and that it isn’t the 1950s anymore. They act insulted that other people don’t consider things like domestic violence and rape funny.

    And why is it that any time women speak up for themselves, they are labeled “anti-male” or accused of “hating men”????

    • I hear you, Terry C. When women speak up for themselves or women as a group, they are accused of “hating men” because our society is still male-dominated. This false accusation is just one more way of making women shut up.

  22. If Dan does not like the “anti-men pages all over Facebook” why doesen’t he get radical and speak up against it?

    • And if Dan does not like the “anti-men pages all over Facebook”, why doesn’t he speak to other men about it? I find it very interesting that these men are all too willing to speak to feminists about it and blame feminists for it, but they don’t speak to men about it.

      BTW, anti-feminist men make anti-male remarks all the time.

    • Because then he wouldn’t be able to use them as a way to deflect attention from women’s issues, of course. What did you think, that he actually really cared or something?

  23. While I do feel that those pages are in bad taste, I don’t think they’re necessarily meant out of harm (rather ignorance). They annoy me sure, but unfortunately, I disagree that “this is not free speech.” It IS free speech.

    Perhaps in other countries this would be censored. But in the United states, This would not be considered “inciting riots” or “violence.” The legal definition includes that the threat must be imminent. In international law that would mean “instant, overwhelming, and no choice for deliberation” For example, I can write about how I’m going to start a lynch as much as I want and publish it in a magazine. I cannot be censored. If I, on the other hand, were to give a speech in front of an angry mob to convince them to start rioting and become violence, I could be censored and arrested. Unfortunately, this means most of the time you cannot stop violence AT ALL until it’s already happening. But the opposite might lead to censoring everything. “The Catcher in the Rye” would be a good example, since it encouraged violence from people from several times. Speech in bad taste, including hate speech, is still free speech.

    Facebook isn’t the government, however, so if they wanted, they could still delete the pages without doing anything illegal (freedom of speech only puts limitations of what the GOVERNMENT can censor. If a private company or your own mother wants to silence you from saying something, they’re welcome to do so legally). If they feel they are being pressured by their users to do something, they will do it in order to maintain their image.

  24. While we’re on the subject, why doesn’t everyone stop using the word rape to mean anything other than forced sex? According to a friend of mine, he got “raped” when he paid too much for his new car. He also got “raped” on his interest rate. I think that using the word in such a cavalier way really diminishes the violence of a real rape.

    • I tried to tell someone this once. She launched into a speech about how “not everyone takes things the way you do” and basically spent 20 minutes whining about having to actually be considerate.

  25. Rodger Sillars says:

    Trying to sign your facebook petition does not seem to work. Too bad, I FULLY supportthe concept.

  26. Katie Short says:

    Ahem… rape is no joke. These pages are offensive to me. I don’t “like” them. But Facebook is a private entity. They get to make the rules about what they find offensive. If you don’t like their rules, don’t use Facebook. You don’t have some inherent right to use the service. You certainly don’t have any right to tell someone else what to do with their business or property. Facebook has decided these pages are OK. If that is upsetting to you, please feel free to use Twitter or LinkedIn.

    Facebook does a great job of removing convicted sex offenders. I have reported three times, and each time, the page was removed within just a couple of hours. They are doing a lot. They have chosen to let these facetious but offensive pages remain. They also let extremist, AlQueda relate pages stay for a long while, which I find offensive. And all kinds of Christian pages are out there, and I happen to find those offensive as well. “Offensive” is a subjective word, so each entity gets to choose what that means to them. Facebook has chosen. If you don’t like it, don’t support them by using it.

    (For credibility’s sake: yes, I am female. I am 35. I have been drugged and brutally raped. I just happen to believe in free enterprise.)

  27. Janet Lloyd says:

    I’ve been drugged and raped by a gang of men. The culprit is still at large and because I was drugged I had memory loss. My voilent nightmares were my memory jogger and flashbacks. It needs to stop, RAPE is a violation and is demoralizing.

  28.… if you want to show your disapproval of facebook’s enabling of rape culture ahere’s a petition on with nearly 200,000 signatures.

  29. How distasteful. Those “jokes” made me cringe.

  30. FWIW – I’ve reported these and similar sites through the official “report this page” on FB with no response so today I sent a message to Mark Zuckerberg himself expressing my frustration and disappointment. I know that he probably won’t actually read it but maybe if enough people send similar ones the message might get somewhere?

  31. So the other day I’m on facebook actually looking up a rape survivor support group…the first suggestion to pop up “No means yes..yes means harder!” I reported it so many times and all my friends did also..nothing. Their about me was a counting list to see how many members they could get…

  32. “Kick a slut in the vagina day”…gaspp! Clearly these pages are in violation of Facebooks policies as they incite hate against women and girls.

    As with many of its mass media counterparts,facebook is nurturing rape culture. Would they defend a racist page that degrades African Americans by throwing around the ‘N’ word, of course not b/c there is a double standard. Men and boys are inundated with misleading messages that distort their views of women.

    Sadly, many males buy into the idea that women are disposable–objects for their consumption. Well, let me ask you this…how would you feel if someone regarded your mother as such?

    I wonder how quickly ‘castration’ pages would be taken down from FB if they were created as a benevolent or “JOKING” means for women to vent their anger at men. IE: “Oops, sorry you got your d&ck caught in that mousetrap, I didn’t mean to set it on the toilet bowl lol”

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