Nine Gains for Women Made Possible by Title IX

With the passage of Title IX—45 years ago today—came the advancement of women and girls, and the pathway to further victories against sex discrimination.

What Texas’ Fetus Funeral Law Means for Women’s Health

Women will now be required to hold burial or funeral services for their unborn fetuses in Texas—and could face criminal penalties for accessing abortion care in the state.

Seven Ways the Senate Healthcare Bill Hurts Women

Trumpcare will leave millions uninsured—and furthers the Trump administration’s war on women’s health.

Former Pennsylvania Lawmaker Admits He Sexually Assaulted His 103-Year-Old Mother-In-Law

Yup. You read that right.

After the Bill Cosby Verdict, the Fight Against Rape Culture Goes On

Cosby’s case brought the subject of violence against women out into the open.

Transgender Woman Fired for Exposing Sexual Harassment at McDonalds

Just one week after La’Ray Reed called a McDonald’s corporate manager to bring attention to the extreme physical and verbal assaults that she was experiencing on the job, she was fired.

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