Shameless: Ms. Up for Awards!

During March, magazine award nomination season, we Ms. staffers are much like high school seniors awaiting word from colleges; we may look nonchalant, but we’re watching the mail like hawks.

Two very exciting missives arrived today:

From the Maggie Awards, a Best Cover nomination for our Winter 2009 cover capturing the feminist mood of high expectations and hope as Obama was sworn in (left). And from Utne, a nod for their 2010 Independent Press Award for political coverage!

Utne‘s kind nomination note:

“You have received the nod because your stories are fresh, your writing and editing exemplary, your visual execution pitch perfect, and, frankly, because we cannot wait for Ms. to show up on our shelves.”

Aw shucks. We love you too, Utne!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Ms. did not take home the award, but we are grateful nevertheless!

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Jessica Stites is the former associate editor at Ms. magazine. Today she's the editorial director of In These Times, where she runs the Leonard C. Goodman Institute for Investigative Reporting and edits stories on labor, neoliberalism, Wall Street, immigration, mass incarceration and racial justice, among other topics.