Amended Ultrasound Bill Passes Virginia Senate

The Virginia Senate has passed a modified version of the mandatory ultrasound bill that stirred a national uproar last week. Critics questioned the law’s original requirement that women seeking abortion undergo an unnecessary transvaginal ultrasound–in which a woman has a probe inserted into her vagina–calling it “state rape.”

Sex, Doves and the Divine Feminine

By Jessica Stites The Fall of Masada is one of the most incredible real-life David-and-Goliath stories ever recorded. After the Roman sacking of Jerusalem in the year 70, about 900 Jews took refuge in the Masada, a fortress on an isolated desert plateau. There they held off a Roman legion of 10,000 before committing mass suicide. […]

Voice Your Support for Teen Birth Control Access!

It’s been a refreshing week of sanity around birth control. First the Institute of Medicine announced that birth control should count as “preventive care” and be covered by insurance at no cost. And now, in response to a Good Morning America segment on the “debate” about whether mothers should let their teen daughters access the […]

Iraqi Feminists Sexually Assaulted During Pro-Democracy Protests

In Baghdad’s Tahrir Square on Friday, four women participating in a pro-democracy demonstration were molested and beaten by government-sponsored protesters who swarmed the square. Those assaulted were a part of a 25-woman delegation from the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq, the country’s leading women’s rights group, there to create a visible women’s presence in the […]

No Comment: Carl’s Jr Exec Discovers Turkey Is a Country

Thursday night used to be my happy night, thanks to the reigning queens of comedy, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (NBC’s Parks and Rec, 30 Rock). But lately that perfect happiness has been marred by a Carl’s Jr. commercial: Yes, it sells turkey burgers by showing the actual Miss Turkey–Gizem Memic–in a bikini. And […]

Republicans’ War on Women

Feminists are outraged over House Republicans’ proposed 2011 budget, which would leave millions of low-income women without contraceptive access and their children without support for health care or good nutrition. The plan zeroes out funding for the 40-year-old Title X family-planning program. That popular program, which has historically had strong bipartisan support, provides five million […]

No Comment: SNL’s Transphobic Ad

If Saturday Night Live’s fake ad for “Estro-maxx” last night had any purpose–or punchline–besides transphobia, we missed it. Shouldn’t fake advertising be an opportunity to satirize mainstream ads to, you know, humorous effect? Maybe the SNL writing staff needs a refresher course from Sarah Haskins: Update: GLAAD has started a petition campaign demanding an […]