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Why should you become a supporter of Ms. magazine? Gloria Steinem says it best:

When Ms. launched, a leading pundit predicted the magazine wouldn’t last 6 issues. Well, 38 years later, our truth-telling and rebelling still fills the pages of what, we’re proud to say, has been recently rated one of the most influential magazines in U.S. history.

To make sure Ms. stays strong and independent, we are inviting you to become a Ms. Partner–a member of our monthly sustainer program–for only $4.00 a month.

And when you join, we’ll thank you by publishing your name in a special Ms. Partners section in our anniversary issue, on newsstands this fall. What’s more, Ms. Partners will receive a regular update on Ms. stories and news. You won’t have to wait for the next issue to get your Ms. fix.

Please take a moment to reflect on how important Ms. has been to you and to the country. Ms. magazine is unique. It is editorially free–nothing is out of bounds–because it is sustained by its members and readers, not commercial advertisers.

Never has Ms. been more needed than this year. From our coverage of health reform’s impact on women … to our hard-hitting investigations into sexual assault in the military and the networks of extremists behind the murders of abortion doctors … Ms. is shaping the way media covers our lives and impacting decision-makers at the highest levels. As a Ms. Partner, you will be helping to ensure that Ms. not only stays strong and independent, but takes on the sexism and racism of the corporate media.

Ms. needs to know we can count on the steady support month-in and month-out of a dedicated group of members–iterally our Partners. The advantage to you as a Ms. Partner is you will receive monthly updates and will be able to budget your contribution. What’s more, you will have the satisfaction of supporting an unique voice for feminism.

The advantage to Ms. is a steady, dependable source of money for our vitally needed programs. For example, your monthly support will help Ms. reach more battered women in domestic violence shelters and women prisoners with free copies. Or we will be able to expand our Ms. Investigates program. Or grow our college women’s studies program reaching students nationwide.

So, as you think about how important Ms. is to the women’s movement and to youplease become a Ms. Partner at $10 or $15 or $25 or more a month. Or if you are interested in a single contribution or even lifetime membership as a part of the Ms. Partner program, we will make sure your name is published in this special section of our anniversary issue of Ms..

Thank you for keeping Ms. and the women’s movement going strong.

Here’s to our future,

Gloria Steinem

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