No Comment: “Even Your Wife Can Turn on the DVD!”

Finally, someone has devised a way for women to turn on the DVD! Thanks, AudioOne, for making a product so simple even a woman can use it!

On first blush, this electronics ad, submitted by Ms. reader Caroline in Lexington, SC, seems to be a real throwback to advertising of the 1950’s. Unfortunately, we may not have to reach so far back to find other examples like this one–AudioOne’s ad is eerily reminiscent of a recent subway poster. That one, thankfully, was tactfully defaced, but what could be next?

As a small business owner who was irked by this sexist and heteronormative ad, Ms. reader Caroline acted immediately and pulled her own company’s advertising dollars from the publication that printed this.

But we’ve got to keep up the pressure on AudioOne. Sign the petition below, and help Ms. and Caroline tell this company that their advertising is neither clever nor acceptable. Sexism doesn’t sell!


[iframe http://dev-msmag.pantheonsite.io_care2_sexistadvertising.asp 240]

AudioOne ad from the April 2011 issue of Lexington Life Magazine.


Dahlia Grossman-Heinze is a feminist, an avid viewer of every Real Housewives series and very into Britney Spears.