Happy Birthday, Ms. Blog!

birthday candlesAlong with International Women’s Day, today at Ms. we also celebrate the third anniversary of the Ms. Blog going live. It’s been a labor of love and hard work by our editors, bloggers and tech support. And without our readers, well … if a blog post falls in cyberspace and nobody reads it, does it make any noise? We think not.

Our numbers are amazing and encouraging: More than 3,000 posts have gone up in these three years, and we’ve had nearly 8.5 MILLION page views. And those viewers have found us in all corners of the world–Google Analytics shows us that we’ve reached people in 225 countries! (C’mon Niger, Chad, Gabon, Congo, Central African Republic, Turkmenistan and North Korea, what gives? We hope that feminists there can somehow find access to a computer and locate msmagazine.com/blog!)

So thank you, readers, for following the Ms. Blog. Thank you, bloggers, for your sterling and provocative contributions. And special thanks to those who comment and make this blog challenging and interactive–please do keep up the discussions!!

In sisterhood and gratitude ….

The Ms. Blog Team

Photo by Flickr user Aih under license from Creative Commons 2.0




The team is a collection of Ms. print and digital editors and writers.