Looking for Plan C

The national landscape of abortion access is changing at an unprecedented pace, with restrictions on abortion access and bodily autonomy escalating across the country. With Roe in the political crosshairs, people are actively looking for options that will guarantee them access to a safe abortion in the event that the historic decision is overturned by the Supreme Court.

But many people aren’t waiting for a worst-case scenario. A lot of folks are looking for new options right now—and they’re turning to the Internet to find them.


Plan C, the go-to platform for information on self-managed abortion with abortion pills, continues to counter this wave of fear and misinformation with empowering, evidence-based information on the access and use of safe, effective abortion pills for a self-managed abortion. The dramatic growth in our own web traffic indicates that there is a growing interest in these resources.

Our website saw 70 percent growth in visits over the past year, and our “Report Card” of online pharmacies— with physician-led service Aid Access at the top—had 20,000 hits in May. The same day that Alabama lawmakers passed the state’s extreme anti-abortion law, our traffic spiked by 1,600 percent.

Our platform was founded on the belief that the decision to end a pregnancy remains protected under our constitutional right to bodily autonomy, and that people who choose to self-manage their care deserve to do so with dignity and full access to information. We continue to be the only organization in the U.S. willing to share where people are finding pills online, and this month, we also launched an “Ambassador of Information” program, offering deeper trainings for those wanting to help spread this empowering information to their networks on a grassroots level. 

Plan C’s platform is more important than ever in the current political moment—for both people looking for information on abortion pills and individuals and activists looking to become advocates for information-sharing. Learn more and join the movement at plancpills.org.


Amy Merrill is the Communications Director at Plan C. In addition to over a dozen years of working in nonprofit management, she co-founded the impact travel collective Journey, is active in the anti-trafficking movement and is currently part of the post-apocalyptic space duo Formerly Alien and co-founder and producer of The 7 Train Sessions guerilla concert series. Amy got her MA in nonprofit management from NYU Stern/Steinhardt and her BA in Music & English at UC Berkeley.