Ms. magazine and Brennan Center announce collaborative project: Abortion Is Essential to Democracy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | November 9, 2021

Essays are now available to read online at

Ms. and the Brennan Center for Justice are proud to announce the Tuesday, Nov. 9, release of the collaborative microsite “Abortion Is Essential to Democracy.” Featuring 11 essays from the Brennan Center’s experts, the series examines myriad attacks on democracy, from vote suppression to the outsized role of big money in politics, and how they have contributed to this moment of grave risk for abortion rights in America. 

The series covers a variety of legal, technical and personal perspectives, and includes:

  • An explanation of the pseudoscience fueling abortion bans as part of the anti-science cultural trend infecting state and federal policy
  • A look at how electoral dysfunction has led to an unrepresentative judiciary
  • An analysis of the criminalization of abortion and pregnancy, especially on communities of color … and more.

The series will also be the subject of a video short by video-focused media outlet NowThis. By joining their voices and sharing these essays, Ms. and the Brennan Center hope to demonstrate that the fight for abortion rights, the fight for equality, and the fight for representative democracy are all in service of the same goal: justice for all. 

About Ms. magazine: Co-founded by Gloria Steinem in 1972 and published by the Feminist Majority Foundation since 2001, Ms. has been a trusted, popular source for feminist news and information in print and online for nearly 50 years. Ms.’s time-honored traditions of an emphasis on in-depth investigative reporting and feminist political analysis have never been more relevant, bringing a new generation of writers and readers together to share news, analysis, research and strategies for fighting back and moving forward, for shaping the future.

About the Brennan Center: The Brennan Center for Justice is a law and policy institute affiliated with NYU School of Law, and a leading voice in the fight for democracy and justice in America. Among its core priorities, the Center works to protect and advance voting rights, ensure free and fair elections, champion a diverse judiciary, and advocate for equal justice for all.


If you would like more information on the collaboration, or to schedule an interview with the Brennan Centers Jennifer Weiss-Wolf or Ms. Executive Editor Katherine Spillar, please email