11 Holiday Gift Ideas for Kickass Feminists

Holiday shopping is problematic for many reasons (hi, capitalism and exploitative advertising!) But if you do plan to give gifts this season, why not stick it to the patriarchy and shell out your hard-earned bucks for thoughtful feminist items?

Whether it’s a gift for a friend or yourself, consider purchasing eco-friendly and fair-trade products, or shopping with companies that give 100 percent of their proceeds to good causes. Or hit up your local craft fair for handmade artwork that makes a statement!

Browse the slideshow for some feminist gift ideas for everyone on your list.

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If these options are financially viable or you’d rather go a more DIY route, consider giving a friend or family member a piece of art made from recycled goods, a date with a friend(s) to help at a local charity or a homemade feminist trivia board game.



Gisselli Rodriguez (@gisselli) is an editorial intern at Ms. She is studying gender and women's studies with a concentration in media and journalism.