Mexico’s Supreme Court Rules That Abortion Care for Rape Survivors is a Human Right

In two back-to-back landmark decisions, Mexico’s Supreme Court last month ruled that denying women access to abortion after rape is a violation of their human rights.

After La Manada: What the Wolf-Pack Means for Women in Spain

Women in Spain are asking themselves a shocking question: Do we have to choose between being believed or being killed? 

Teodora is Going Home

El Salvador’s Supreme Court commuted the sentence of a woman serving 30 years in prison for a stillbirth—declaring that “arguments of a legal nature, of justice and equity, justify her commutation.”

Chile Decriminalized (Some) Abortions—Now What?

Will other countries in Central America follow Chile’s lead?

Justice for the Women of El Salvador is Long Overdue

In El Salvador, being poor and pregnant means losing your basic rights. Now, the nation’s lawmakers are considering permitting abortion in specific situations.

Disrupting the Solitude of Women

How women abort when it is forbidden—and the networks that help them.

Striking—and Fighting—for Abortion and an End to Violence in Latin America

It was October 19, 2016—the day of the first women’s strike in Argentina. It was the day 80,000 people took the streets of Santiago to proclaim: “Not One Less.”

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