HERvotes Blog Carnival: Protecting Unemployment Benefits

Welcome to the seventh #HERvotes blog carnival! Today the coalition tackles the need to protect women and employment during these tough economic times, with a focus on the importance of extending Unemployment Insurance (UI) before the December 31st deadline. It is critical that Congress acts before the end of this calendar year to renew federal […]

HERvotes Carnival: Fighting Sexual Harassment

Welcome to the fifth #HERvotes blog carnival. This time we’re focusing on the need to keep strong the laws and public policies to end sex discrimination and sexual harassment in schools and in the workplace. HERvotes, a multi-organizational campaign launched in August 2011, advocates that women must use our voices and votes to stop the […]

HERVotes Blog Carnival: Mississippi “Personhood” Amendment

Welcome to the fourth #HERVotes Blog Carnival! This time, we’re writing with an especially urgent focus. There’s an extremely dangerous constitutional amendment to the Mississippi state constitution on the November 8th ballot. It grants personhood and constitutional rights to a fertilized egg. Election day is just one week away. We must stop the outrageous movement […]

President’s Job Plan Benefits Women

The president’s job plan would have a positive impact on women’s jobs, woman-owned small businesses and small- to medium-sized non-profits. It also includes payroll tax savings for some 78 million employed women and an extension of unemployment insurance for those out of work, who include some 2.6 million unemployed women. Many of the proposals for […]

HERVotes: Why Women Must Vote in 2012

By Eleanor Smeal, President of the Feminist Majority Foundation and Publisher of Ms. Magazine This blog is part of the #HERvotes blog carnival. The Feminist Majority Foundation and Ms. magazine are proud to join a number of organizations representing millions of American women in an effort to mobilize women voters in 2012 around preserving women’s […]

A Loss for Dolores Huerta, And the World

I was distraught to learn last night of the unexpected death of Richard Estrada Chavez, the life partner of my dear friend Dolores Huerta, who serves on the Feminist Majority Foundation board of directors. Richard was the younger brother of Cesar Chavez, who cofounded the United Farm Workers (UFW) with Dolores. Richard was a tireless […]

Betty Ford, Champion of Women’s Rights

I will never forget the day in 1981 that I asked Betty Ford to be an honorary co-chair with Alan Alda of the Equal Rights Amendment Countdown Campaign. I thought it would be a long, involved process. But she said almost immediately that she would be honored to do so. At the time Betty Ford, […]

Join Our NO MORE EXCUSES! Campaign

We may have won the battle to keep the language of “forcible” rape from defining who gets federal money for abortions, but we’re still fighting the war to get “forcible rape” removed from our national lexicon. A message from Ms. publisher ELEANOR SMEAL Feminists helped defeat the Republican attempt to narrow the definition of rape […]

She Broke the Glass Ceiling

We are saddened today to learn of the death of Geraldine Ferraro. She was an historic feminist, a compassionate humanitarian and a role model for generations of women and girls seeking to break the glass ceiling. She was a champion for women’s rights during her three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, but of […]

Senate Republicans Tell Women: You Are Mere Pawns

In the great game to topple the President and beat the Democrats, every Republican Senator voted as a united bloc this week to stop the passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act for women. For those who want to blame President Obama, Valerie Jarrett, the White House Council for Women and Girls, and Senator Reid–your anger […]