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Spring 2017

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Ms. Special: Women's March

Feet on the Ground. Not Backing Down!

On Donald Trump’s first day in office, women delivered a huge message—too massive to ignore.

Why I Marched

Ms. celebrates the power of that day through the stories and thoughts of our many readers and community members who were — in body or in spirit — at every Sister March.

She Runs, We Win

by Ronnee Schreiber

Women are entering politics in record numbers, fueled by Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss. Here’s how organizations like Emerge America, Ready to Run and EMILY’s List will turn this surge of interest into real numbers of women in office.

L.A. Women Lead the Way

by Nancy L. Cohen and Jennifer M. Piscopo

The female supermajority on Los Angeles County’s governing board proves why women in politics matters.

Turkish Women Rising

by Sophia Jones and Christina Asquith

Turkey is descending into increasingly authoritarian and Islamist rule, but one group of activists refuses to keep quiet, catapulting the fight for women’s rights into the spotlight.

A Sustainable Solution

by Juhie Bhatia

As communities worldwide wake up to the reality of climate change and our related dependence on fossil fuels, women - led groups across the U.S. are helping grow a sustainable grassroots movement advancing renewable energy as one solution.


Book Reviews

  • Roxana C. Bacon on Lisa Ko's The Leavers
  • Nisi Shawl on Brittney C. Cooper, Susana M. Morris and Robin M. Boylorn’s The Crunk Feminist Collection
  • Pamela Scully on Helene Cooper's Madame President: The Extraordinary Journey of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


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