No Comment: Craigslist Edition

One reality “TV SHOW” is looking for some “FRAZZLED & DISHEVELLED FEMALES” to transform into beauteous–even “BEAUTTEOUS”–Brides-To-Be. In their Craigslist quest to find “REAL WOMEN” in need of a makeover, the producers have implicitly denigrated the lifestyle choices of most real women we know. (Particularly, us women who don’t engage in 3-hour-a-day grooming routines.) Here’s their list of ideal candidates:

If you’re a Geek, Bohemian or Recycle queen irritated by this ad, email its creator,, and let him know what a real woman thinks of his company’s recruiting tactics.


Anna Kelner graduated from Columbia with a major in English and a special concentration in Medieval and Renaissance Studies in 2012. She was an editorial intern at Ms. in 2010, and is now a writer and editor based in Los Angeles.