In the Latest Issue of Ms.: The Ugly Side of Personal-Care Products

10268518_10152681954893540_2255549270677215724_nThe average woman uses 12 personal-care products a day filled with 168 ingredients, many of which contain toxic substances.

Contrary to what you may assume, the Food and Drug Administration is not legally required to test or regulate the products. This means your lipstick, lotion and nail polish could contain carcinogens, mercury or hormone-disrupting chemicals.

The latest issue of Ms. examines the ugly side of beauty products in a hard-hitting exposé by Heather White, director of the Environmental Working Group.

Also featured in this issue that you won’t want to miss:

  • The broad scope of the Hobby Lobby decision threatens women’s reproductive health more than many of us realize
  • Make sure you take a stand for women’s rights and vote on critical state ballot measures
  • Terry O’Neill, president of NOW, reminds women to make themselves heard at the polls in November

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