Saie Relaunches ‘The Every Body Campaign’ in Support of SisterSong

Saie, a clean beauty brand, recently relaunched The Every Body Campaign. The campaign joins together over 60 brands to raise awareness and funds for reproductive justice. As the largest beauty industry-backed reproductive justice initiative in history, the campaign is projected to raise over $300,000 to support services for birthing people, mothers and funding for abortion care in Georgia, North Carolina and Kentucky. 

The Return of Essence Festival of Culture: ‘It’s the Black Joy for Me’

After an in-person hiatus of two years, Essence Festival of Culture returned to New Orleans for its annual festival dedicated to celebrating and uplifting Black women.

The return of Essence Festival in person during this critical social moment was vital. With the theme “It’s the Black Joy For Me,” it was a moment for Black women to take time for themselves and each other, despite what’s currently happening in the world.

Sha’Carri Richardson Isn’t Just Breaking Records—She’s Breaking Glass Ceilings

While we wait with bated breath as USA Track & Field makes their final decision about Richardson’s 2021 Olympic fate, there is another story based on a double standard that needs to be told here.

Remember there are young women who aren’t in Vogue, The New York Times or People Magazine but still sport long orange hair, voluminous lashes, tattoos and colorful long nails—and they need us rooting for them to win the way we are for Sha’Carri Richardson.

Growing Gray

“I’m now 52, and I see the gift of my gray hair having been more empowering than any container of Le Conte: that owning one’s self is not simply noble, or fiercely courageous—but beautiful.”

Strutting Her Stuff

Noor Aldayeh had around 2,000 followers on Instagram when she first decided to share her story about struggling with bulimia. Today, she has over 40,000.