On Christianity and Donald Trump

What progressive Christians and conservative, but not fundamentalist, evangelicals find outrageous in Trump’s behavior actually works to his advantage with white Christian fundamentalists, because his world views align with theirs—all in support of a white patriarchal theocracy.

Why I March

I march because I know that every single action and every single voice in this movement counts. I march as an ally to and in solidarity with the collective force fighting for our freedom and human rights. I march because I don’t have a choice—because our planet is burning, war is imminent and women are still being silenced for fighting for our rights.

The Ms. Q&A: How Emiliana Guereca is Marching on in 2020

The 2020 Women’s March in Los Angeles will mark the beginning of an entire year of civic engagement and activism led by Emi Guereca, who organized the 2017 LA Women’s March and each subsequent event and launched the non-profit Women’s March Foundation in 2017 to extend its mission.

The Biggest Hole Is Where the President’s Empathy Should Be

Aftershocks reverberated worldwide in the wake of Donald Trump’s vulgar and hate-filled comments about Haitian and African immigrants on January 11, 2018, when he reportedly used the word “shithole” to describe their countries of origin. His striking lack of compassion in that moment was startling, but no words can describe the added cruelty of maligning Haiti one day before a painful anniversary when memories of trauma and unfathomable loss inevitably resurface.