The Eight Most “WTF?!” Moments of 2020

2020 was a waking nightmare for feminists. Early on, it teased us with hope of change with the presidential election in November … only to be hit with the biggest pandemic in the last 100 years. And with the death of Supreme Court justice and feminist legend Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it often felt as if all the gains made in women’s, civil and reproductive rights would be taken away.

With the knowledge of a person who has seen their fair share of dumpster fires in the last five decades, I give you my top feminist WTF moments of the past year.

Experiencing Voter Suppression for the First Time

“The poll tax, in this election, is time. The poll tax, in this election, is potentially exposing yourself to COVID-19. The poll tax, in this election, is forgoing traditional methods of voting by mail because you are afraid your rights will be trampled. Now we anxiously await a future that will either be filled with more misogynist anti-Black violence, or a return to the value of difference as the very fabric of our democracy.”