Experiencing Voter Suppression for the First Time

“The poll tax, in this election, is time. The poll tax, in this election, is potentially exposing yourself to COVID-19. The poll tax, in this election, is forgoing traditional methods of voting by mail because you are afraid your rights will be trampled. Now we anxiously await a future that will either be filled with more misogynist anti-Black violence, or a return to the value of difference as the very fabric of our democracy.”

Happy Latina History Day!

Buried in Women’s History Month is a single day, March 9, marked by a single state, California, to celebrate Latina history. As a Latina from California myself, I confess that, until this year, I had no idea that my home state had set this day aside. But now that I know, I plan to urge […]

Old Tactics, New South

By Nicole Guidotti-Hernandez On the opening day of Freedom University, located in a community center in Athens, Ga., students start trickling in 20 minutes before classes begin. The 28 eager collegians—three quarters of them women and the majority Latino/as—have come from Atlanta, Ackworth, Athens and other Georgia communities. Some are recent high-school graduates, others are […]

Where Were the Chicana Feminists? Right Here

In my Chicana Feminist Theory classes, there’s one text I never fail to teach: Alma Garcia’s 1997 Chicana Feminist Thought: The Basic Historical Writings, a collection of newspaper articles, broadsides and essays by Chicana women activists of the 1960s and ’70s. Students identify with the sense of political urgency in these writings. Chicanas were struggling […]