10 Valentine’s Day Cards to Send to Your Favorite Feminists

Valentine’s Day is upon us and we here at Ms. have collected a few feminist card ideas that are perfect for your significant other or favorite feminist friend. Skip the sappy, cliché or otherwise patriarchal Valentine’s Day messages and send one of these gems instead!

All the bells and Whistles

Let this remarkable feminist author and activist be the face of your love this Valentine’s Day.

Nudge Nudge

Extra points if both the gift giver and receiver know who inspired this sassy V-Day message.

All Aboard!

Seas the day—Valentine’s Day that is—with this clever card. Just make sure to book a cruise, or have a partner with a good sense of humor!

Rosie Makes me Rosey

Nothing says love like badass, take-charge women.

So Punny

Spice things up—or don’t!—with a little Andrea Dworkin.

The Personal Is, After All, Political

Even a Valentine’s Day card can be a call to action.

I See What You Did There

Don’t forget to acknowledge the beauty of intellect on the holiday dedicated to love and appreciation.

For the Leslie Knope in All of Us

Any fan of the hit series Parks and Recreation will recognize Leslie’s catchphrase that captured millions. But even if you haven’t seen the show, you get the idea. Perfect for your Galentine’s Day celebrations.

Supremely Sweet

Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She’s awesome. This card is awesome. Make Valentine’s Day awesome.

Happy Galentine’s Day!

Leslie Knope’s legacy lives on in the term Galentine’s Day. Make sure to celebrate the wonderful and inspiring gals in your life on Feb. 13.


Lily Wujek is currently a student at Bennington College and an editorial intern at Ms.