LISTEN: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Sounds Off on Why Women’s Political Leadership Matters

(via Nancy Pelosi on Facebook)

“It’s going to be a very important year,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told me in 2012. “Women will make the difference in the quality of leadership it brings to the Congress.”

When we spoke, Pelosi was prioritizing election reform in order to pave the way for more women in office. Seven years later, her predictions about the impact women can make in Congress remain as prescient as ever.

Pelosi recently reclaimed her gavel—and continued her conversation with Ms. After assuming the chamber’s highest seat in the wake of the groundbreaking midterm elections that flooded Congress with more women, people of color and other diverse voices than ever before, she spoke to Executive Editor Katherine Spillar about the fights that remain ahead for women in politics.


Martha Burk is money editor at Ms.