Summer 2024 Issue Sneak Peek: Menopause Is Fueling a Movement

A new generation of women are demanding that the next chapter of their lives no longer be ignored, overlooked or squandered.

Mobilized by a diverse coalition of doctors and lawyers, social and racial justice activists, CEOs and celebrities, the modern menopause movement is well underway. Some attribute it to generational politics, the estimated 6,000 Gen Xers now entering menopause every day in the United States. The women of Gen X are book-ended by their postmenopausal moms and mentors and by millennials, who are already or soon to be in the throes of perimenopause. As Ms. executive director for partnerships and strategy Jennifer Weiss-Wolf writes, “Menopause is not an afterthought for us. Nor can we continue to tolerate being society’s afterthought.”

Plus: three new best-sellers on menopause by Dr. Mary Claire Haver, Dr. Sharon Malone and Dr. Lisa Mosconi, and resource guide for women “leaning into the second half of their lives”

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Here’s a glimpse at what else you’ll find within the pages of the upcoming issue:

  • The A(bortion) Team: Meet the coalition of governors that’s determined to protect the abortion rights and reproductive freedom of all Americans
  • Like finding a snowball in a blizzard: For the 50 percent of women with dense breasts, mammography is only the first step in early cancer screening
  • A violent denial: Combatting the silence around Hamas’ sexual violence on and following Oct. 7, an Israeli feminist and the commission she founded are working to archive the atrocities, seek justice and prevent future war crimes.

…and so much more awaits you in the Summer issue.

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Camille Hahn is the managing editor at Ms. In her 15-plus years with the magazine, she has served as research editor, associate editor, features editor, copyeditor and proofreader. Previously, she worked as an associate editor at Bon Appétit. She lives in Davis, Calif.