Aileen Mioko Smith: Anti-Nuclear Feminist

This March, for Women’s History Month, the Ms. Blog is profiling Wonder Women who have made history—and those who are making history right now. Join us each day as we bring you the stories of iconic and soon-to-be-famous feminist change-makers. My mother was part of Women Strike For Peace in the early 1960s and, along with thousands […]

Fracking as a Toxic Trespass

Imagine what we mothers could do if we brought that spirit of loud, uncompromising, creative defiance to the necessary project of dismantling the fossil fuel industry and emancipating renewable energy, which is its hostage? Imagine hundreds and hundreds of mothers peacefully blockading the infrastructure projects of the fossil fuel industry, day after day. Imagine us, […]

Living Downstream with Sandra Steingraber

Tomorrow, October 20, at 2 p.m., Living Downstream, the film based on Sandra Steingraber’s stunning book of the same name–will show at Lincoln Center’s Elinor Bunin Monroe Film Center in New York City. It will have its broadcast premiere in November on Outside Television. Living Downstream follows in the tradition of Rachel Carson’s groundbreaking Silent […]