Taliban Reverses Pledge and Keeps Girls’ Schools Closed: ‘Why Are They Playing With Our Future?’

Despite much anticipation, the Taliban regime announced today that girls’ schools from grades 7-12 will remain closed. Devastated teachers and students did not know about the announcement until they arrived at their schools had to return home.

In speaking with the BBC, one in Kabul student said, “I feel really hopeless for my future. I don’t see a bright future for myself. All we want is to go to school.”

Even After Oslo Meeting, Taliban Continues to Arrest and Torture Afghan Women Protesters

The United Nations has raised concerns over the arrests and detentions of civil society activists, journalists, former government and security forces personnel in Afghanistan. For example, on Jan. 19, a video circulating on social media showed Tamana Zaryab Paryani, an Afghan women’s rights activist and journalist, pleading for help moments before armed men claiming to be Taliban intelligence broke into her apartment and abducted her and three of her sisters. Paryani recorded the video on her phone while the men were pounding on her door, “Help, please, the Taliban have come to our home … only my sisters are [here].”

Afghanistan Will Now Include Mothers’ Names in Children’s Birth Certificates

Afghan mothers will have their names printed on their children’s national identity cards, thanks to the #WhereIsMyName campaign, which challenged taboos around women’s names.

President Ashraf Ghani on Thursday signed into law an amendment long sought by women’s rights campaigners.

Until now, Afghan law dictated that only the father’s name should be recorded on ID cards.

Using a woman’s name in public in Afghanistan is traditionally frowned upon and can be considered an insult.

Afghan Women are More Than Victims

If a large number of Afghan women are unable to study, work and reach their full potential, it is not because they are weak. It is because our society has placed in their ways the largest roadblocks.

Love In Afghanistan

Charles Randolph Wright’s powerful Love In Afghanistan examines many of the complicated issues facing young Afghan women. The play, which recently completed a world premiere run at the Arena Stage […]