Get Over The G-Spot

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In a recent article about the G-spot at Alternet, I dare to question whether the whole thing’s been a tad over-hyped. There has been so much focus on whether or not the G-spot exists that no one has asked whether it’s really all that important. Does all the G-spot hype resurrect the vaginal vs. clitoral “real sex” stimulation (i.e. penis penetration) that I thought disappeared with Freud?

Here’s an excerpt:

Once again, sex experts are arguing over women’s sexuality, and as usual they ignore what women actually say about their sexual arousal and orgasms. This time, English and French sex experts are grousing over whether or not women have the fabled G-spot. The English say no and the French say yes, prompting a commenter on the blog Pandagon to describe the peek-a-boo games the G-spot plays with sex researchers as Schrödinger’s G-spot:

“It both exists and doesn’t exist at the same time and the act of observing it changes it.”

The real question is not whether or not the G-spot exists. Frankly, who the hell cares? If a woman has a G-spot, more power to her, but putting pressure on a woman to stick her fingers deep inside and find that Magic 8-Ball only makes her feel insecure if she can’t locate it. The G-spot debates have resurrected age-old denigration of female sexuality, especially of the clitoral stimulation all women need in order to feel sexual arousal and to achieve orgasm. As usual, women’s experiences and needs are ignored, this time in favor of publishing papers, getting professional and media attention, and especially selling products designed to assist women in reaching the Big O – preferably from G-spot stimulation.

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