From the Stacks: Does She Really Have Everything If She Doesn’t Have a Bidet?

“She’s rich, she’s beautiful, she’s smart. She has everything…but does she have everything? Not if she doesn’t have a Rusco American Bidet!”

This ad was reprinted in the June 1978 No Comment section of Ms.

It goes on to explain that “a woman’s femininity comes from the assurance that she’s always fresh.” Apparently you’re not a real lady unless you have a bidet to wash and dry your ladybits.


Alexandra was a 2010 editorial intern at Ms. who helped launch the Ms. Blog. She is from Climax, Minnesota and has written for the Grand Forks Herald, the University Chronicle, the St. Cloud Times and Ms. She is now copy-editing for Live Nation/Ticketmaster, and is looking for employment in nonprofits, journalism/PR and/or women's rights. Check out her resume at!