Thanks, Forbes! Ms. Makes the Top 100

The most dynamic, inspiring and helpful…The best of the web for working women.

That’s how Forbes describes its just-released list of the Top 100 Websites For Women–and we’re on it!

The Web presence of feminist frontrunner Ms. magazine, the website boasts the most extensive coverage of U.S. and international women’s issues.

We were extra-flattered to see that Ms. also appeared as one of the top shout-outs when Forbes asked their twittersphere for favorite web resources:

Top shout outs that made the list were the blog Start Up Princess (@DomesticBecky), Ms. Magazine (@TitaniaUSA) and financial site LearnVest (@MeldonJ).

Forbes sought out riveting websites with women-centered coverage and “an active community and frequent updates.” So thanks to all you Ms. Blog readers and commenters who made this possible!

Another shout-out goes to our sister Feministing, whom Forbes describes as “lively and engaging.” Other feminist friends to make the list:

Congrats all! And thanks to Forbes for (correctly!) recognizing that feminist sites rank among the very best websites for women.

Reporting contributed by Alexandra Wildenhaus.

Photo collage of Top 100 Websites for Women from

Update: Renee Martin at Womanist Musings wrote a post rightly taking Forbes’ task for compiling a list that lacks diversity. Find her post here.



Casey Reed attends Wesleyan University in Connecticut, where she double-majors in Feminist Gender Sexuality Studies (FGSS) and English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing. She plays for the Wesleyan Women's Varsity Volleyball team and participates in Wesleyan's only short-form Improv(e) Comedy troupe, Desperate Measures.