SNEAK PEEK: India, Where Lesbians “Don’t Exist”

Law in India declares male homosexuality illegal, yet fails to mention gay women. “Lesbians, according to the Indian government, don’t even exist.”

What do exist are the charred remains of Christy and Rukmani, who set themselves on fire rather than endure the verbal and physical abuse stemming from the discovery of their same-sex relationship.

Discover four ways in which India’s LGBT activists battle the dreadfully high rates of lesbian suicide in Ms.’ latest issue, featuring Mridu Khullar’s “Where Lesbians Don’t Exist.” Pick it up on newsstands today, or become a Ms. member to have it delivered straight to your door.

Photo from Flicker user tntblonde under Creative Commons 2.0.


Casey Reed attends Wesleyan University in Connecticut, where she double-majors in Feminist Gender Sexuality Studies (FGSS) and English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing. She plays for the Wesleyan Women's Varsity Volleyball team and participates in Wesleyan's only short-form Improv(e) Comedy troupe, Desperate Measures.