Yes! Comment: And the Winner Is…

This week in Yes! Comment we decided to do an Oscar weekend special and give out a few awards. The categories are entirely subjective and the only prize is bragging rights, but hey, a win is a win, and we all need a little something more on our resumes.

Drumroll please…

Winning the “Most Likely to Make You Seethe With Rage at Drunk Men Everywhere” award is Beramay Awnday on HollaBack SoCal‘s launch:

It’s normal for a guy to “holla” or jump right out in front of you, but a few weeks ago, a drunk guy in his early 20s was hanging out of a cab screaming that he was going to “crack open my legs and eat my pussy good all night long.” This lasted for about 2 whole minutes as traffic was backed up. I was of course horrified, but I just kept walking like I had head phones on and couldn’t hear him. It was a terrible feeling though. I was fine on the outside, but I remember my insides felt like they were freezing over. I remember feeling lucky that I wore a hood and could easily hide my face.

The “Best Example of How Bad Spelling Will Weaken Your Point” trophy goes to James, commenter on the story of Cassy Herkelman, female wrestler:

I think maybe you should worry about more important topics, instead of carrying on about EVERY single instance of men and women. Both parties went home happy, the two girls won their competitions and Northrup was able to follow his faith. Your very immature. You promote hatred the entire time in this blog. Face it your a MAN-HATTER!

Plenty of commenters took issue with James’ spelling and, err, thinking, but we picked Odie’s comment as this week’s “Best Retort” for its substance and class:

James I would love an example of a sport being cut from a high school because of feminism. Please. Just one. The author wrote a great article showing the differences in how our society treats our men and our women and the best reply your misogynistic mind could come up with is “you’re a man-hater”. I think you’re the one who needs to grow up. And no I am not a man-hater as well, because I am a man. A man, who unlike you, would like to see men and women treated equally.

And for our last award of the night, the “You Said It, Sister!” honor goes to Devon Moore, commenting on the story about Lara Logan:

Every day, some horrible new attack on women. Phylis Schlafly; Mike Pence; Chris Smith; John Bo(eh)ner; and that wretched Michelle Bachmann. Can’t we just get a break? Why this push to control us, why this awful backlash? CAN’T WE JUST GET A BREAK?

It may not be a golden statue handed to you by a celebrity, but the Yes! Comment awards are still worth writing home (or another Ms. blog comment) about. Keep commenting and perhaps next week you’ll be a winner too.