Yes, Comment! And the Femmy for March 6-12 Goes to …

First, congratulations to Lauren Karaffa for winning last week’s Femmy (given to the best comment on the Ms. Blog) for her excellent response to “Was the Shooting of Giffords a Hate Crime?”. Your wit, intelligence and savvy made you a clear victor. Without further adieu, we present the nominees for this week’s Femmy, all of […]

Yes, Comment! And the Femmy Goes to . . .

With the success of last week’s “Yes, Comment!” Awards, we have created what we affectionately call “The Femmys”. We will nominate the top three comments of the week, and then bring it to a vote. The winner will receive that week’s Femmy, and glory. Lots of glory. This week’s Femmy nomination for “Best Use of […]

Yes! Comment: And the Winner Is…

This week in Yes! Comment we decided to do an Oscar weekend special and give out a few awards. The categories are entirely subjective and the only prize is bragging rights, but hey, a win is a win, and we all need a little something more on our resumes. Drumroll please… Winning the “Most Likely […]

Yes Comment! On Piers Morgan: “What a model journalist!”

For we editors used to making a quarterly magazine, it’s been revelatory to hear back directly–instantly!–from Ms. Blog readers in the comments section. This week you mused about gender bias in the media, schooled us with your knowledge of Piers Morgan’s resume and questioned your faith in humanity after a 14-year-old girl was flogged to death […]

Yes, Comment! Skins, Google Art, and High School Feminists

For us Ms. editors, by far the most rewarding part of the Ms. Blog has been reading the comments. Since we’re used to sending out a magazine into the void every three months and waiting with bated breath for letters to the editor, it’s been revelatory to hear back directly–instantly!–from Ms. readers. To be sure, […]