Yes, Comment! And the Femmy for March 6-12 Goes to …

First, congratulations to Lauren Karaffa for winning last week’s Femmy (given to the best comment on the Ms. Blog) for her excellent response to “Was the Shooting of Giffords a Hate Crime?”. Your wit, intelligence and savvy made you a clear victor.

Without further adieu, we present the nominees for this week’s Femmy, all of which coincidentally explain why the writer is a feminist:

Lily Stephanie Cree receives the first nomination for her comment on “What Happened on March 8 in Tahrir Square”:

I fail to understand how it cannot be accepted that women are people.

Commentor katiebelle earns a nomination for her response to Feminist Backlash, Then and Now:

Why wouldn’t I be a feminist? I’m a woman and I have friends and family who are women. I want those women to have equal rights in every aspect of their life. I’m still genuinely surprised when people (women and men) tell me they aren’t feminists. I have this strange, radical idea that my reproductive organs do not have complete control over what I do or who I am. I’m a feminist because I want my two younger sisters to be given every opportunity males are given. I’m a feminist because my mom and dad raised me to be one. I’m a feminist because I choose to be one.

The third and final nomination goes to Darlene for her reaction Feminist Backlash, Then and Now:

I can’t help but be a feminist. I want human rights for every single person, and I still see repression everywhere. When our voices are equally valued, when we are equally paid , when ALL our work is recognized and supported, when we have equal opportunities, when our bodies aren’t constantly under attack, when we feel safe anywhere, anytime, then, maybe, we can let down our guard a bit. Until then, I continue to resist oppression for myself, for my daughter, for women everywhere. Go Ms! Happy Anniversary.

Who will be this week’s winner?

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