We Heart: “Blurred Lines” Parodies

Ever since Robin Thicke’s recording of “Blurred Lines” and its accompanying video was released, people have been talking about the rape-y nature of the lyrics and the nudity of the women models in the uncensored version of the video. After Thicke claimed that “Blurred Lines” is actually “a feminist movement in itself,” the talk turned to why “Blurred Lines” most definitely is not.

While these discussions about rape culture and how society treats women as sexual objects are important, they are only giving Thicke and his video extra publicity. Instead, we’re going to show some excellent videos that subvert the message “Blurred Lines” and are truly funny.

This gender-swapped version by Mod Carousel shows how ridiculous the objectification in the original video is.

This video uses “Blurred Lines” to celebrate Wendy Davis and the pro-choice movement.


And, last but not least, this video, “Lame Lines,” offers a great critique of the message in the original song.


All videos from YouTube

“Line” image from Flickr user evmaiden under license from Creative Commons 2.0