NEWSFLASH: Worldwide Protest Against Sultan of Brunei on Friday

The Sultan of Brunei announced his plan this past May to impose a hateful and deadly Taliban-like penal code that includes the stoning to death of gay men and lesbians and the public flogging of women who have abortions. These clear violations of human rights have resulted in a massive international backlash, including a protest on May 5 led by the Feminist Majority Foundation.

Tomorrow, the protesting goes global. In Los Angeles, once again the demonstration—planned for 7 p.m.—will be held across the street from the Beverly Hills Hotel, a part of the Sultan’s Dorchester Collection of hotels. This “international day of action,” calling for the Sultan to repeal the draconian new laws, will take place not just in Beverly Hills but also at Brunei embassies in Washington, D.C.; Brussels, Belgium; Canberra, Australia; Delhi, India; Manila, the Philippines; and Ottawa, Canada, according to Frontiers LA.

To participate in the social media campaign against the Brunei penal code, tweet under the hashtag #StoptheSultan. The Feminist Majority Foundation is also continuing its petition drive urging the UN to condemn the laws and the Sultan of Brunei to rescind them. To date, activists have delivered thousands of letters to the Sultan, the UN and others. Click here to add your name.

Photo courtesy of Alden Jewell via Creative Commons 2.0



Simone Lieban Levine is a rising junior at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and an intern for Ms. Follow her on Twitter: @though_she_be.


Simone Lieban Levine is a rising junior at St. Mary's College of Maryland and an intern for Ms.