6 Celebrity Teens Who Have Spoken Up for Gender Equality

Recently, 16-year old actor Amandla Stenberg drew both praise and criticism when she called out reality TV star Kylie Jenner for posting a photo of herself to Instagram wearing cornrows. Even though Stenberg was criticized by adults and attacked by many of Jenner’s 29.5 million social media followers, she didn’t back down from her point: If Jenner loves black culture so much, she should be using her celebrity status to draw awareness to real issues.

Stenberg, one of the stars of The Hunger Games films, often uses her social media presence to engage with issues of feminism and social justice. We were so inspired by her recent actions that we put together a list of some other celebrity teens who are using their power to draw attention to important issues.


Emma Niles is a recent graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz and an editorial intern at Ms. Follow Emma on Twitter @emmalorinda.