10 Title IX Activists We Love

photo26Title IX, a federal law that prevents discrimination in educational institutions on the basis of sex, has helped thousands of students around the country file complaints against their universities when reports of campus sexual assault have been mishandled.

In recent years, the federal government has increased its support for sexual assault survivors and taken steps to address the prevalence of rape on college campuses. For instance, in 2011, the Department of Education reminded campuses that they have a duty to take reports of sexual violence seriously in the form of a “Dear Colleague” letter. And in January 2014, President Obama created the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault, launching online services to help victims as well recommending policy changes for educational and federal institutions.

Much of the recent federal government attention to the crisis of campus sexual assault can be attributed to Title IX activists who work tirelessly to inform survivors of their rights and improve policies to make campuses safer. Although more and more people are becoming activists every day, check out 10 of our favorite Title IX activists below!

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Emma Niles is a recent graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz and an editorial intern at Ms. Follow Emma on Twitter @emmalorinda.