Gloria Steinem Talks About Trump’s Impeachment—and His Insulting Tweets

Ms. co-founder Gloria Steinem talked to Variety magazine Tuesday about Donald Trump’s Twitter account—and the impeachment probe against him now unfolding in the House—while she walked the red carpet at the Women’s Media Center Awards in New York City.

Gloria Steinem at the 2019 Women’s Media Center Awards. (Brittany Peterson on Twitter)

When asked if she believed Trump should be impeached, Steinem didn’t mince words. “He was never elected,” she declared, reminding reporters that Trump received six million fewer votes in 2016 than his rival, Hillary Clinton. “He wasn’t elected by the popular vote. It’s only by the accident of the electoral college, which was lauded by the slave states in the first place.”

Pressed on Trump’s Twitter account, and his tweets last week attempting to portray House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as having a “meltdown,” Steinem dismissed the interest in analysis, stating that “he is beyond any possible rational consideration.”

Read the full piece from Variety here.


Carmen Rios is the Managing Digital Editor at Ms. and has spent over a decade raising hell in feminist media. Her work has been published by outlets like the Atlantic's CityLab, BuzzFeed, ElixHER, Feministing, Girlboss, Mic, MEL and Everyday Feminism; and she also spent six years writing and editing for Autostraddle, was a founding blogger and activist with the SPARK Movement and was the inaugural managing editor of THE LINE Campaign blog. Carmen is additionally a co-founder of Webby-nominated Argot Magazine.