Afghan Women Tell Special Envoys Not to Recognize the Taliban and ‘Refrain From Compromising Our Rights’

In a meeting with some special envoys of a few countries for Afghanistan, Afghan women emphasized that Taliban recognition should not be up for debate and that anything about Afghanistan should be consulted with Afghan women.

Over 60 Afghan women representing diverse advocacy groups and coalitions met with the special envoys from Qatar, United Arab Emirates, the US, Indonesia, Norway and a few others from Europe. The meeting of special envoys for Afghanistan is happening today and tomorrow in Doha, Qatar.

Taliban Announces Additional Government Officials—All Male, and All Members of Their Old Guard

Early this week, the Taliban announced additional members of their Cabinet, and once again, all of them are part of the old guard of the Taliban, despite promises of an inclusive government during peace talks. The 38 new members of the interim government of the Taliban were appointed to military and civilian positions. The leadership team still doesn’t include a single woman.

Friends of Afghanistan Urge NATO and EU to Continue Support for Afghanistan

In a sign-on letter by prominent leaders and individuals worldwide, friends and supporters of Afghanistan urge NATO and the European Union to continue their support of Afghanistan.

The endorsors remind NATO and the European Union that the world has a “responsibility” to Afghanistan and that it “must come together in their support to the Afghan National Security Forces who are fighting to protect Afghan lives from terrorists as well as work towards our shared security interests.”