New episode of Ms.’s On the Issues Podcast—Combatting Military Sexual Assault: Who Guards our Coast Guard? (with Melissa McCafferty)


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A new episode—Combatting Military Sexual Assault: Who Guards our Coast Guard? (with Melissa McCafferty)—is available now on Apple PodcastsSpotify and

Report after report has shown that sexual harassment and assault are pervasive throughout the U.S. armed forces: at least 15.7 percent of military personnel and veterans reported military sexual trauma, a number that is likely smaller than the actual total due to shame and fear around reporting. What’s more, perpetrators are rarely if ever held accountable: according to a recent ProPublica investigation, more than half of the 900 soldiers who were allowed to leave the Army in the past decade rather than go to trial were accused of violent crimes. In this episode, Dr. Goodwin is joined by Melissa McCafferty, a former Lieutenant with the United States Coast Guard and current advocate for military sexual assault victims, to discuss how women are speaking out—and demanding change in the face of a culture that seeks to silence and disenfranchise survivors.

A full transcript of the episode may be found here, as well as a few excerpts below:

“I had repeatedly tried to resolve this internally, before realizing that it was never going to be resolved internally and that it had to be done through external pressure, either through the media or through the Senate—which is, ultimately, what it came down to.” —Melissa McCafferty

“I was able to tell my story and was able to bring voices to those who are unable to speak currently due to retaliation fears or because they’re still in and concerned about their careers, or to those who no longer have a voice because they’ve either died by suicide or some other reason.” —Melissa McCafferty

“When I worked on the Commandant’s Advisory Group at headquarters, I was often struck, to put it politely, by almost a perceived inability to consistently do the right thing, the moral thing, the moral obligation that we hold as officers and are charged with via our oath and statutory and mandated authorities to fulfill on behalf of ourselves, our institution, and the American public.” —Melissa McCafferty

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