Poetry for the Moment: Healing, Resistance and Possibility

As protests against police violence have bloomed across the country, many have turned to sharing art, and poetry in particular, as a source of comfort and inspiration. In a time when the news can be a source of pain and violence, poetry can be a source of healing and joy. Here are some poems that deal with relevant themes during this revolutionary moment: healing, resistance and possibility.

Sappho’s Series of Lesbian Poets: t’ai freedom ford’s Black-Ass Sonnets

Mary Meriam—founding editor of Headmistress Press, one of the few presses in the United States specializing in lesbian poetry— interviews t’ai freedom ford about her fantastic new collection, “& more black.”

“As a Black, queer, masculine presenting woman, my writing is informed by these identities and how someone like me negotiates the mainstream/dominant American culture that consistently seeks to marginalize my voice and the voices of those who look, act and love like me.”

Poetry for the Rest of Us: 2020 Roundup

Inside: the most exciting poetry collections coming your way this year, all by and for the rest of us: poets who are women, womxn, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, AAPI, international, LGBIA+, TGNC, queer, disabled, fat, immigrant, Muslim, neurodivergent, sex-positive or of other historically marginalized identities.