Texas Ruling on Second Amendment Puts Domestic Abuse Victims at Greater Risk

U.S. District Judge David Counts, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump, ruled last week that banning those under a protective order from possessing a gun infringes on their Second Amendment rights. A domestic violence victim’s risk of death is five times higher if their abuser has access to a firearm.

(This story was originally published by the Texas Tribune.)

How Texas’ Abortion Laws Turned a Heartbreaking Fetal Diagnosis Into a Cross-Country Journey

Texas’ conflicting and confusing laws on abortion have already caused catastrophic problems for pregnancy care.

“It was just a matter of time before the baby died, or maybe I’d have to go through the trauma of carrying to term knowing I wasn’t bringing a baby home,” said 27-year-old Lauren Hall, who traveled to Seattle all the way from Texas to have an abortion. “I couldn’t do that.”

As San Antonio Abortion Clinic Closes, Its Director Worries About Who Is Left Behind

Abortion clinics are closing across Texas after the state banned the procedure, with few exceptions, at any point in a pregnancy.

At Alamo Women’s Reproductive Services, executive administrator Andrea Gallegos turned the lights on in empty patient rooms and worried about whom the clinic was leaving behind. The clinic is one of two owned by her father, abortion rights advocate Dr. Alan Braid. His clinics, one in Texas and one in Oklahoma, will relocate to Illinois and New Mexico.