Five Ways to Have a Feminist Valentine’s Day

Frustrated by the patriarchal, heteronormative, gendered conventions of Valentine’s Day? This year, celebrate V-Day in feminist fashion, without becoming a slave to commercialism. Here are a few ideas for a very feminist Valentine’s Day: 1) Scrap the manufactured “holiday” altogether. Celebrate V-Day instead. Contrary to popular usage, the “V” in V-Day is not just a […]

Was Mary Sidney Really William Shakespeare?

Does the name Mary Sidney ring a bell? No, I thought not. According to Tudor Place, she was born into the aristocracy in 1561; was “carefully educated, acquiring a knowledge of Latin, Greek, and Hebrew;” became a member of Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Household in 1575; lost her mother, father and brother (Sir Philip Sidney) in […]

10 Women Who Would Have Ruled the Blogosphere

Centuries before Al Gore “invented the Internet” and we began blogging in droves, women were recording the details of their lives in journals, letters, memoirs and newspaper columns. From complaining about their husbands and lamenting their infertility to speaking out for social justice and building community where little existed, these proto-bloggers told it like it […]