Exclusive Screening of ‘Women in Blue,’ February 4: Gender Equity Is One Way to Reduce Police Violence

With the national conversation around police reform still resonating loudly around the country, documentary film “Women in Blue” shines a spotlight on the women within the Minneapolis Police Department working to reform it from the inside by fighting for gender equity.

Join Ms. for an exclusive screening of “Women in Blue” on Thursday, February 4 at 4:00 p.m PT / 7:00 p.m. ET. Then, stick around after the film for a live Q&A discussion.

Police Leaders Speak Out: “Women in Law Enforcement Must Have a Seat at the Table”

Black and brown people are too often killed with impunity by police. Now may be a tipping point and we should not squander this opportunity to make fundamental changes in policing.

The fact is that women in law enforcement respond differently. We are not talking about a few token women—but when gender parity is realized, policing fundamentally changes.

Getting Cops Out of California Schools

17-year-old Stephanie Lopez started advocating at school board meetings for school resource officers (SROs)—armed, district-funded trained police officers—to be replaced with adult hall monitors. By involving staff who would get to know the students instead of giving them citation, Lopez is looking for a more holistic approach to student management.