The Top 10 Ways to Spot a Feminist

At the prompting of a right-wing radio show host, the sexist trolls and meninists of the Twitterverse banded together under the hashtag #HowToSpotAFeminist yesterday, ridiculing women and men who, you know, want an egalitarian society. Trite and unoriginal, the #tcot community collectively chortled over the tired stereotypes that all feminists are ugly, hairy, whiny and can’t get enough of dem pantsuits.

It wasn’t long before Twitter feminists cheekily reclaimed the hashtag, taking the opportunity to show what feminism really means. The results were stupendous!

Here are 10 of our favorite tweets on #HowToSpotAFeminist.

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Front page photo courtesy of Flickr user cathredfern licensed under Creative Commons 2.0