Wonder Woman is Back on the Cover of Ms.—And You Could See Your Name in the Issue!

Wonder Woman leapt off the cover of the very first issue of Ms. in 1972. Her belief in sisterhood and equality, and the use of power in pursuit of justice, are still driving values for Ms. today – all these years later.

Now Wonder Woman is leaping off movie screens as part of our 45th anniversary celebration, returning for the fifth time to the cover of Ms. Stand alongside her in our Anniversary Issue by becoming a Ms. member! We will be printing the names of all our Special Anniversary Donors in the fall issue.

To see your name in Ms., make a special anniversary contribution of $45 or more to celebrate our first 45 years and build a foundation for the next 45. Give $90 or more and receive a limited edition poster of all five of the Ms. Wonder Woman covers, including the iconic 1972 cover. Make a contribution of $1,000 or more and you’ll become a lifetime member of the Ms. community—and get a lifetime subscription to the magazine. If you’re already getting Ms. delivered to your door or your smart phone, your donation will extend your existing subscription.

When Ms. started in 1972, abortion was illegal, Title IX had just passed, newspaper “help-wanted” ads were still divided by “male” and “female” and sexual harassment was just part of the job. As we look back over the past 45 years and see how far we’ve come and how Ms. magazine’s reporting has helped fuel that change, we have much to celebrate. But the gains we once thought were secure are now under constant threat. That’s why Ms.—and the spirit of Wonder Woman—is needed more than ever.

We need your help to make sure Ms. stays strong and independent and keeps feminists everywhere informed and empowered to fight for equality and justice. Your support enables us to stay free of commercial ads so we can bring you the insightful and hard-hitting reporting you’ve come to expect from Ms. 

Join us in celebrating 45 years of Ms. by adding your name in our Special Anniversary Issue.

1Katherine Spillar is the Executive Editor of Ms., where she oversees editorial content and the Ms. in the Classroom program. Kathy also speaks to diverse audiences nationwide on a broad range of domestic and international feminist topics and appears frequently on television and radio. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Urban Studies from TCU and an Interdisciplinary Master’s of Science degree from Trinity University.

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  1. Cindy Wall says:

    Been a Ms. since I was a teenager. And that was several decades ago. Thanks for being ther.

  2. Sarah Harris says:

    I live my feminism every day. I am a domestic violence and sexual assault survivor advocate and I hold offenders accountable in my professional life. I rember the day I became a proud feminist, and earning my Women and Gender Srudies degree from my University. I am raising 2 feminist children. We need feminism and we need the pioneering icon that is Ms.Magazine.

  3. Nancy Robinson says:

    I remember the first issues of MS. magazine, and Gloria Steinham even came to Houston to speak to our NOW group. (Does anyone even remember NOW?) I marched in D.C. in the 70’s before President Nixon signed the women’s rights bill making abortion legal. I hope women will come together again to reclaim our place in the 21st century. Judging by the women’s turnout last January, it certainly appears possible.

  4. Carol Boling Seaman says:

    Gloria Steinam was and is my hero! Back in the ’70s, as a recent college graduate (1970), I burned my bra and set sail across an ocean of male chauvinism, all alone with my subscription to Ms. Magazine. I felt hopeful we women could change and get some justice and equality. Now, I take credit for a self proclaimed “feminist” husband (very rare in those days) and 2 “feminist” sons, who saw the light-now ages 45 and 47. However, now at 69 it seems the rudder has slipped and women are again heading into dark and dangerous waters. Again we need to right the rudder…beginning with all chauvinists cast overboard. I am signing up for whatever the cause for women represents at this juncture. Both bias and inequality have reared their ugly heads in 2016-2017 via a pig, as in male chauvinist pig, as President! How very pitiful it is, Sisters! Sign me up, now-I am a Ms.! This battle has not been won, yet! Wouldn’t Susan B. Anthony turn over in her grave at yet another women’s battle cry ? We keep on keeping on!
    In perpetuity…and beyond!☀️

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