GoldieBlox Ad Perpetuates the Fallacy of the Pink

You’ve probably seen an ad for GoldieBlox floating around in the past day, accompanied by comments like “YES!” and “THAT’S how to turn girls into engineers.” If by some chance you did manage to miss it, it features three little girls, stupefied by a commercial for princessy-type merchandise, who rebel by building an amazing Rube […]

Cooking Real Food Isn’t as Hard as the Food Industry Wants Moms to Believe

When Pamela Koch walks in the door with her family at 6:30 in the evening, she pulls a bowl of vegetables out of the fridge and dumps them into a pan waiting on the stove. She’s been home from work for less than a minute, yet dinner is underway. “If we’re really hungry, there’s something […]

Gendering Toys is Good for Nobody

I wasn’t surprised when my son, Zachary, was teased for bringing My Little Pony in for first-grade show-and-tell. After all, I had been following the story of Katie, a first-grader in Evanston, Illinois, who had been mocked for choosing a Star Wars water bottle. Katie’s mother, Carrie Goldman, blogged about the incident, and her post […]

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