Is “The Wolf of Wall Street” Punk Rock? Hardly.

It’s not that Martin Scorsese’s most recent opus, The Wolf of Wall Street needs yet another review or another debate on whether it’s misogynist. It’s the attempt by the film’s star, perennial Scorsese muse Leonardo DiCaprio, to qualify it and Scorsese as “punk rock” that drew our ire and forced our pens. Punk rock (or […]

Hello, Norma Jeane

“Please don’t make me a joke.”  —Marilyn Monroe … Most surprising about Norma Jeane Mortenson Baker’s grave is this: It does not exist. No tombstone, mausoleum or urn marks her final resting place. Norma Jeane’s absence is telling, for her presence in the cultural imagination is unsettled and unsettling. Memorialized instead at Pierce Brothers Memorial […]

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