We Still Have a Lot of Scaling Up to Do

In the 116th Congress, women will hold at least 23.4 percent of all seats, up from 20 percent in 2018. That isn’t enough.

Gender Watch Hot Takes: 25 Feminist Experts React to the 2018 Election Results

We asked experts on gender, race and politics to weigh in on the 2018 election results, sharing their reactions to what happened and insights and analyses from research, practice and personal sentiments.

Will Misogyny Disqualify Men from Political Power in 2018? 

While allegations of inappropriate behavior and inaction to punish it have forced resignations and derailed campaigns in the past 18 months, voters’ intolerance for misogynist behavior and beliefs is far from universal.

Running as Women or Men? How Candidates are Expanding and Enforcing Gender Norms

The diversity of approaches by women and men in this year’s elections all inevitably expand or enforce notions of masculinity and femininity—and what are deemed appropriate credentials for officeholding.

How Will Male Candidates Shape the Gender Politics of the 2018 Elections?

Male candidates’ strategic and tactical decisions in this year’s election—just like women’s—will either replicate or disrupt prevailing norms of gender in society and on the campaign trail. What choices will they make?

A Different Measure of Success: We All Win When Women Run

Win or lose, the women running for office this year have the power to disrupt norms of both gender and candidacy—and that’s a victory for all of us.

Want Something Done? Elect a Woman.

If the voting public is frustrated with the ineffectiveness of Congress, electing women and giving them the political power they need to get things done is a two-pronged approach to changing the game.

Women Didn’t Abandon Clinton–Nor Did She Fail to Win Their Support

There is good reason to pay close attention to women voters, but that means avoiding homogenizing them or evaluating their behavior without historical context.

Gender is on the Ballot

This race may well serve as a referendum on the re-entrenchment of presidential masculinity.

Gender Dynamics in the Third Presidential Debate: Hot Takes from the Experts

What gender dynamics were evident in last night’s presidential debate? Let the experts break it down for you.

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