No Comment: Renewable Girls and Ecosexism

I get it. Sex sells. But this is just gratuitous.

These images are from a calendar entitled “Renewable Girls,” advertising–get this–solar panels. Part of a tacky trend of ecosexism in advertising for “sustainable” products, this calendar comes on the heels of PETA’s infamous sexy animal rights series and Yoga Journal’s seemingly exclusive preference for young/white/thin/topless models.

If these images weren’t degrading enough on their own, the accompanying text (not pictured) really clinched the deal for me. On the company’s website, the caption below the first image reads: “When her husband is away on business, Cynthia waits patiently by her solar-powered phone.” And below the second image: “Megan is Bananas for Panels!”

Thanks to WIMN’s Voices for pointing this out.

Unimpressed environmentalists can voice their concerns by emailing the company or writing to its founder, John B., at this address:

1458 San Bruno Ave
San Francisco CA



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