Katie Goodman Says If You’re Homophobic You’re Probably Gay

What’s that, Louis C.K.? Feminists don’t have a sense of humor? Trying telling that to comedian-actress-musician-feminist Katie Goodman.

Before there was the women-in-comedy phenom Bridesmaids, there was Goodman, a long-time women’s theater advocate who performs solo and with the show Broad Comedy. Goodman is all kinds of myth-busting. Not only is she a funny feminist, but she’s also been nominated for a MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant for her work in theater.

If you want to prove this weekend that feminists definitely have a sense of humor, you can see Goodman’s latest comedy show, “I Didn’t Fuck It Up Now,” at Joe’s Pub in New York City this Saturday, August 11.



Lauren Barbato is a writer who enjoys focusing on the intersection of the arts and social justice. As a journalist, she has contributed to Ms., the Women's Media Center, IndieWire, MovieMaker Magazine and many others. She holds a B.F.A. degree in screenwriting from the University of Southern California. Follow her on Twitter @lauren_barbato.