We “Like” the Westboro Baptist Church on Facebook

You may be surprised to hear Ms. recommending anything involving the notorious anti-LGBT hate group, the Westboro Baptist Church. Before you judge us, though, take a look at the Westboro Baptist Church Facebook page. A quick scroll through their timeline brings up posts including inspiring quotes from Buddha, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Dalai Lama, alongside a variety of adorable kitten pictures.

Surprised? Don’t be. Although early news reports claimed that hacker collective Anonymous had taken over the church’s Facebook page, the truth is almost better. Anonymous has actually been “brandjacking” and posing as the Westboro Baptist Church since December 2012, amassing more than 10,000 Facebook “likes” with posts that are decidedly different from the church’s usual content.

The brandjacked Facebook page provides a much-needed respite from the hatred usually associated with Westboro Baptist. There is no mention of picketing funerals, no thanks to God for natural disasters and no discriminatory or hateful speech. Instead, there are Star Trek memes!

The church is active online and currently spewing hate on Twitter, but we suggest that they’d be better off if they took some of “their” on-point Facebook advice:









Screenshots via the Westboro Baptist Church Facebook page