#SheDocs Launched to Celebrate Women’s History Month

To celebrate Women’s History Month, Women and Girls Lead and Eileen Fisher Inc. are launching #SheDocs, an online film festival that gives anyone with a computer the opportunity to watch inspiring, women-focused documentaries.

Celebrate Women's History Month With #SheDocs

Twelve acclaimed independent docs will be available for free during the month of March, one of the most prominent being director Pratibha Parmar’s documentary on Alice Walker. The other films showcase women and girls in the U.S. and globally who pushed through adversity to transform their lives and their communities.

From telling the story of one of history’s most fascinating women leaders, Benazir Bhutto, to capturing the struggle of three young Latina women trying to finish high school, #SheDocs paints an impressive portrait of those who defy convention to make their own destinies.

Along with the films being streamed this month, #SheDocs is encouraging viewers to attend social screenings via the multimedia platform OVEE. The kickoff will be with the Alice Walker documentary on March 3 and will include an online conversation with special guests and fans of Walker. Anyone can register for a social screening here.

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